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Call us: 051 854 815 / 085 866 4575

Sandwiches, wraps and buns

A platter of our freshly made sanswiches, breads and buns.

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Menu Details:


€75 per platter.


Serves 10 people.

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Platter 1.


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Menu Contents:

  • Our signature sandwiches.
  • Wraps
  • Delicious maize buns.


Types of fillings:

The following is an indication of the types of fillings we provide.
Please note that they may not all be present in the platter ordered.



  • Honey roast ham & mustard mayo
  • Chicken, stuffing & cranberry
  • Egg salad
  • Honey roast ham with Wexford cheddar


  • Coronation chicken with rocket
  • Chicken & basil mayo
  • Ham, mustard & rocket
  • Houmous, carrot & mixed leaf
  • Roast veg cous cous, cream cheese and pesto

Maize Buns:

  • Salami & cream cheese
  • Beef salami, cream cheese & rocket
  • Sundried tomato & basil


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